Photographing a Stone

sit still as a rock

You may have heard or read the quote: “In walking just walk. In sitting just sit. Above all don’t wobble.”
Now stones rarely wobble, and if you use a tripod, the camera will neither. So all that is left to not wobble is you. Not wobbling the body is relatively easy; though if you can manage to unwobble the mind, too, the resulting image ought to be of the Stone; Stone as it is, that is, not as a wobbling mind may wish it were but isn’t. Or as we think we would like to see it but on the final photograph clearly don’t.
When the ancient Masters of Chinese painting taught the students that in order to paint Spring you must become Spring, and to paint Bamboo you must become Bamboo, and when they, as seems to be the case, have achieved some impressive level of mastership in painting Spring and Bamboo, maybe we can try similarly in our photography, too?
Next time a stone comes along that you wish to photograph, maybe you can turn into one, too ?

good wishes

here is a stone: